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Monark Capital is an alternative lending provider for small business funding throughout the U.S. and Canada. Many businesses, especially new and small businesses, struggle to find lending options that suit their needs and situation.

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Businesses from multiple sectors, from IT startups to real estate firms, are turning to alternative lenders rather than traditional banks and credit unions to fund their business goals and projects.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can feel daunted by the application process for traditional lenders. Monark Capital does away with all the red tape. We’ve made applying for capital quick and painless. Our goal is to grow our business by helping small businesses succeed.

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Meet The CEO

Houston Reid is President, and Chief Executive Officer of Monark Capital Group. Since founding the company, he has focused on leveraging Monark’s unique network to serve its customers and organizations in expanding their profits through alternative financing. Through Houston’s leadership, the company has built a strong market share by leveraging technology and sound strategies to serve its customer base.

Houston Reid

Houston Reid


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