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Our commitment to your success does not end when you receive your funds. We are here to be your partner and help you grow your business when you need cashflow the most.

Merchant Cash Advance

An MCA is a lump-sum payment to a business. In exchange for this payment, your business agrees to a percentage of future credit card and / or debit card sales.

Structured Buyout

A structured buyout can free up cash flow for businesses and reduce their daily payments from between 20% and 50%. This solution is not debt or loan consolidation.

Credit Card Split

A credit card split is a method for repaying a loan. This is a popular option because it’s in sync with the business’s flow of sales, so it feels more affordable for clients.

SBA Loan

An SBA Loan is a guarantee to banks and other lenders for the funding they provide to small business owners. This type of loan comes with a guarantee that protects the interest of the lenders. 

Term Loan

A term loan is a popular option for established small businesses.The better the business’s level of performance, the more advantageous the terms of the loan are likely to be.

Line of Credit

A line of credit refers to an amount of credit that the business has been approved for. You can draw from this line of credit up to its maximum amount as you need it.


A buyout occurs when the lender completely buys out one or all of the business’s current standing position in a lump sum—or pays directly to each lender, ensuring that payments are made in total.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business eligible?

Our minimum requirements are:

– 6+ months in business
– $6,000 monthly revenue or $72,000 annually
– 500+ FICO Score

To see if your business is eligible for funding, contact one of our expert Business Advisors at 954-224-3702 or click here to get started.

How can I apply?

Applying is simple. We ask a few basic questions about you, your business, and revenue data. It takes minutes to complete and does not affect your credit score. Click here to get started.

Which documents are required to complete your loan application?

Most loan options require 4 months of bank statements to review your business’s revenue data. Click here to securely upload your business bank statements directly.

How long is the financing period?

With a variety of lending options, financing terms can range from 4 months to 5 years.

Will exploring my loan options impact my credit score?

Completing your online application will not affect your credit score. However, once you proceed with a loan option, your credit score may be affected.

Can I pay off my financing early?

Yes. Most loan options can be paid off ahead of time without any additional fees or pre-payment penalties.

How secure is my information?

We use the latest bank-grade encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, we can ensure that the safety of our applicant’s information is our number one priority.

How quickly can I get my funds?

Once approved, the process is quick and simple. Your funds are transferred directly into your business’s bank account typically within 24 hours.